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Pasture-Raised Non-GMO Heritage Pork
Buying Options

To get the most for your money, ordering a half or whole hog is the best option.
Price varies on processor due to different processing methods.  We try to keep the cost equal between the two.
Brian Mers w/ Milk and Honey Farms:  Skinning Method 
Price:  $4.50/lb hanging weight (plus all butcher & processing fees)

Mobley’s Custom Cuts:  Scrape and Scald (heavier hanging weight)
Price:  $4.25/lb hanging weight (plus all butcher and processing fees)

Purchase by the Individual Cut or 10 pound packages
(Prices to follow)

What do I get if I buy a whole hog?

An animal that weighs 250 lbs live weight, will have a hanging weight of around 180 pounds.  This will yield about 120-130 pounds of packaged pork.  Our animals typically hang between 150-200 lbs.
A half hog share:  50-70 lbs packaged pork
A quarter share:  25-35 lbs packaged pork
These are all estimated weights.  Each hog will yield differently and we will not know exact weights until processing.

To give you an idea of cuts and weights, the following is from a hog processed from our farm:
Live Weight:  265      Hang Weight:  180    Processor:  L&W Venison, Madison, Fl
Picnic shoulder:  8.02, 9.31
Boston Butt:  8.01, 8.14
Ham:  13.98, 13.78
Ribs:  9.86
Pork Chops:  30.89
Ground Pork:  26.76
Total Packaged Pork:  128.75

If you are interested in a quarter or half share, contact me and I will pair you with other buyers to split a hog.
And remember, get your friends and family together to split a half or whole hog share.  This is a great way to save!

We are accepting deposits on quarter, half and whole hog shares now. 
Our next processing window begins in August 2016
Quarter Share Deposit:  $100
Half Hog Share Deposit:  $200
Whole Hog Deposit:  $300
Payments can be made over time while your hog is getting to size.  Contact me for more information.


Prices By Cut

Ground Pork:  $8/lb
Bacon:  $12.00/lb
Sausage:  $10.00/lb
Ham:  $9.00/lb
Ham Steaks:  $9.00/lb
Picnic Shoulder:  $9.50/lb
Boston Butt:  $9.50/lb
Bone-In Chops:  $10.00/lb
Boneless Chops:  $11.50/lb

We also offer 10 lb packages of the following for $89.00

It is a combination of ground pork, ham steaks, pork chops and one large cut (Boston butt or Picnic). 
Availability may vary


Farm to Door Delivery

We are now offering delivery to your home or office on qualified orders.  Our goal is to make ordering your pork easier and more accessible to you.  Farm pickup is always available and we enjoy it when folks visit the farm, but we also understand that this is not always convenient.

Delivery Services:
Direct to your door:  Orders $75 and over
Central Meeting Place in Gainesville:  Orders $50-$74

These services will be offered on Saturdays between
We ask that orders are placed by Thursdays in order to make these arrangements.

If you have any suggestions or questions about this service, please contact me at 352-665-7387.

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