Our first Old Spot

She is one of the farm favorites.  Tulip has an amazing personality that passes right down to her babies.  Her piglets are the most humorous on the farm, not to mention the loudest.  They have a set of lungs that just won’t quit!  She is so sweet and fun to be around.  Tulip is also an amazing mother.  So gentle and young at heart herself, her babies love to be with her.  She likes to run in the pasture with them and simply exudes a fun nature.

Tulip web


GOSA Registration
US/2/HSF/0521/RED 15/13

GOSPBU Registration
PM/HSF/RED 15/0521/13

DOB: 05/21/2013
Color Group:  Red
CI%:  11.88


Tulip face 1


She is from Tulip’s first litter.  We knew we were going to keep one of her gilts and couldn’t be happier.  She is so much like her mother, from looks to personality.  She keeps us laughing and we look forward to watching her mature and become a mother.  If she is anything like Tulip, she will be one of the best mom’s on the farm.  Her first litter is due March 20, 2016!

DOB:  09/07/2014
GOSA Registration:  US/2/LFG/0907/0401/14
GOSPBU Registration:  PM/2/LFG/0401/0907/14
Color Group:  Red
CI%:  9.55


flowers nose

(In the House)

This handsome guy came from Kansas.  He is turning out to be a very nice boar, great temperament and looks.  He just began breeding on the farm.  We are so excited about his offspring with Tulip and Flower.  They should be quite the sight!

DOB:  04/06/2015
GOSA Registration:  US/1/MHF/0406/2-3/15
Color Group:  Blue
CI%:  5.8

Moto Moto

Future Breeders



GOS/Mulefoot/Large Black Cross


Pumba and Jenny

The Meishan (May-shan) is an ancient Chinese breed that originated from the Mid Subtropic Belt in the Lower Changjiang River Basin.  (I like to call them the ‘Sharpei-Basset Hound Pig’ because of the their long ears and wrinkly faces)  They are the most prolific pig breed in the world.  There are not many of them in the United States.  Through a cooperative effort, 144 of these pigs were imported from China into the U.S. in 1989.  They were divided between Iowa State University, University of Illinois and the USDA in an effort to understand why they were so prolific.  The sows can have up to 25 piglets, although 16-18 is average.  Once the program ended 10 years later some of these animals were dispersed to zoos and a few farms.  The others were lost somewhere along the way.  All of the Meishans in the United States today, originated from these animals.  Amazingly, a few are still thriving on a handful of farms.  The breed is mostly used to enhance herds and not geared towards breed preservation.  If the breed is not preserved, the pure bred stock will eventually die out in the U.S.

The Meishan is a delicacy in Japan and served in many top restaurants.  The meat is compared to Mangalitsa in taste and texture.  These are both lard pigs and foraging pigs, so there are some shared characteristics.  It will be 2017 before we will explore processing this breed. 

Their temperaments are amazing.  Laid back, easy going and lazy, they don’t get too excited about many things (except bananas, that’ll get them going every time).

We are expecting our first litter of Meishans in April 2016 from Jenny and Mr. Piggins!

Mr. Piggins

                “Jenny”                                          “Pumba”                                    “Pumba and Jenny”                             “Mr. Piggins”               

“Honeysuckle” is from the very first litter born on the farm.  She was born to Rose and Ralph.  She was a precious piglet that made it known that she wanted to stay on the farm.  We couldn't resist, so she stayed!  It was the beginning of many piglets to be born here and we never wanted to forget how it all began.  She has had 2 litters so far and we hope many more to come.........

 Litter Born:  January 12, 2016

DOB:  10/09/2013
GOSA Registration:  US/2/FRY/1009/1301/13
GOSPBU Registration:  PS/LGF/1301/1009/13
Color Group:  Green
CI%:  5.76

Honeysuckle Left Side

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