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Welcome to our Social Media Specials!!
I am Miss Piggy, on the left and this is Mulberry, on the right blowing the big drooling bubble while we wait impatiently for our dinner.  We would like to thank you for following our farm @lolafarms on Instagram and our Facebook page Lola Farms and Gardens.

We are Red Wattles and you can hear us for miles around at breakfast and dinner time.  We drive our farmers a little loony this time of day, but they love us none the less and we usually get fed first!  So a little squealing can go a long way if you play your cards just
We are featuring a new, invitation only, page for our social media followers.  We would like to invite you to try some of our farm’s amazing pasture raised heritage pork.
Yes, I realize it may be strange for pigs to be talking about pork, BUT, we are forever farm pigs.  We are both due with our first litters in October 2017.  So since we are breeders, our farmers will put us out to pasture one day to live out our lives grazing and basking in the sun for appreciation for all the little piglets we shared with the farm.

So, please, take a look at this week’s special and support a farm that loves their animals and treats them as God intended for all of us to be treated!  If you have any questions, just submit the contact form and Farmer Kimberly will get back to you soon.

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